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Are you keen to learn how to set up private virtual room meetings with your clients that can never be erased, and learn how this can meaningfully accelerate your profitability, productivity and efficiency?

Would you like practical an introduction to the unique benefits of SuiteBox, including scheduling & meeting room capabilities?

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Introduction to SuiteBox for South Africa

6 March 2017


Event completed

Introduction to SuiteBox for South Africa

14 March 2017


Event completed

Join us for a 30-minutes – it might just transform the way you do business.

What exactly is SuiteBox?
SuiteBox is an online video meeting space where you can communicate with your client face to face using a computer or tablet and the internet, review and sign documents and record conversations for both purposes of quality control and compliance. The service offers the following benefits critical to successful client engagement:

Provision of a private virtual room

Meet clients in a secure virtual room anytime, anywhere. Have video meetings and discuss documents as if physically in the same room.

Maintain client relationships
Keep clients onboard with virtual meetings from different geographic locations.

Manage documentation
Either participant can control and sign documents real time from within the meeting room.

Screenshare sales tools
Screenshare any of sales tools currently used with clients, including spreadsheets, PDFs, Powerpoint, financials and other portfolio information.

Ease of filing
All documents are saved within SBX, the advice platform or CRM in the Cloud against the meeting that they were originally used in.

Legal compliance
Meetings can be recorded for later reference and/or audit available to other parties via controlled and secured hyperlinks. Both documents and recording are accessible 24/7.

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